Maryknoll Institute of Language & Culture (MILC)


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Training Sessions

The training session hours are from 8:30 A.M. to 11:45 A.M. and from 1:15 P.M. to 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. There are 9 periods of 30 minutes each.

There is one period for grammar class, four periods of individual private language practice with a language informant, two listening periods with audio players provided in the air-conditioned language laboratory, and two study periods.

There is also a marienda (snack) break in the morning and before lunch a period for cultural input or the celebration of the Eucharist.

From noon to 1:15 P.M. there is a lunch and rest break (language trainees provide for their own lunch).

Method of instruction

Cebuano is taught using English as the base language. The method of instruction is based on the practices and principles of second language learning.

As far as possible, individual instruction is the norm. For each two periods of individual private language practice sessions, the language trainee has one listening practice period and one study period which allows for maximum benefit from the individual instruction.

Language is primarily speech. So, all language practice sessions except the grammar period are made up of only one or two language trainees and one language informant (teacher) so the language trainee actually speaks and hears the language.

Language is a set of habits formed by constant repetition. Continued repetition and practice are reinforced through the scheduled use of the provided language-pattern listening in the language laboratory.


One does not learn a language without learning the culture of the speakers of that language. There is a well-stocked library available for cultural research. Culture is integrated in situation dialogues used throughout the course.



Online applications are preferred and are the easiest way. You will get an email response latest two days after sending your online application.

A different way is by contacting the Administrator as soon as possible or at least two months before the intended course begins by mail or telephone. You can download an application form to be filled and to be send by email or mail.

Anyway the Administrator will surely confirm enrollment for each language trainee. These provisions are necessary for the contracting of language informants (teachers) and the setting of schedules and enrollment quotas.


Each course week costs Php 3,800.00 (from September 01, 2019 Php 4,000.00); the fees that only cover costs are not negotiable. The fees are to be paid weekly in advance. All payments must be made in Philippine Pesos. Textbooks (set) for the courses cost 2.700 Php. For the language students there are also textbooks and audio exercises available via WLAN (receivable within the school grounds), dictionaries, bibles and other materials.


The Institute only offers training sessions during the day. Language trainees are responsible for their own accommodations and transportation to and from the institute.